The Artworkshop Marija handmade

The Artworkshop Marija handmade
Creative platform for hand-crafts which keeps tradition by using hand-made techniques, natural materials, and making unique pieces of clothes, home textile and children toys in a trendy & modern style
Social Purpose: 
To become more productive and more concurrent at the domestic market, but also to go to the regional and the EU market. To invest in new machines and employees. To invest in marketing, to become more popular as a brand in the domestic and regional market.
Social Impact: 
1.Marija handmade is a fashion brand, and fashion industry is a major factor in dictating society’s definition of beauty. 2.Marija handmade makes models, small and big size’s and besides the trendy look ,that models helping women’s to show their identities, inside emotions and personality, by doing the custom made,also.3.8000syntetic chemicals are used throughout the world to turn raw materials into textiles. In Marija handmade we are making textiles, by traditional techn., using JUST NATURAL THREADS of cotton, wool, silk and laine.4.Marija handmade works on popularization of women businesses in Serbia, by employing women, people with disabilities and recycling old textiles
Innovative Character: 
Innovative is because of keeping tradition, and connecting it with the present, modern times. Offer customers something new, trendy and styled but also RETRO: vintage but NEW one. Allowing people to express themselves through clothes, to wear their other skin, to feel comfortable in the natural material
Scaling Trajectory: