The Beit Project Association

The Beit Project Association
The Beit Project Association uses places of heritage linked to the history of Jewish communities in Europe to develop an understanding of cultural diversity and its richness.
Social Purpose: 
The Beit Project raises awareness about local contemporary issues related to segregation, and educates towards diversity and tolerance. They organise workshops for different local schools and educational institutions in different heritage sites in the city, events in different cities in Europe about tolerance and civic education.
Social Impact: 
A more inclusive society, a more tolerant society and awareness of differences as a positive asset in contemporary society. The children that take part in the initiative learn diversity and to challenge their prejudices. The process leads them to discover the place, to take control of it, to discover the story about it, to talk about it and present it. The final event is an impact multiplier, as it involves a greater number of people than the original group of children.
Innovative Character: 
The use of heritage sites and of the history of the city as the core tool for contemporary education. They work with 2 schools simultaneously, and the schools are very different (e.g. one Jewish one Catholic, one private one public, one from a deprived area and one from a rich area). They create and instal transportable schools in heritage sites at the heart of urban spaces, which are installed on the sites chosen by the children who take part in the initiative. In practice, the children create temporary schools, and by doing so the children take control of the site, and gain a sense of ownership. Over two days, the pupils work in pairs, and learn to work together and to embrace the diversity of the other child. One the school is built, they engage with the neighbouring area, and create a video-project with the neighbouring area. At the end, the children present their interpretation of the space during a final event in which they show the video they have created, a show that involves all the schools, the parents and the neighbourhood, as well as heritage personalities.
Scaling Trajectory: