The Citizen's Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona is promoted and led by the City Council of Barcelona.

The Citizen's Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona is promoted and led by the City Council of Barcelona.
The Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona is the space of interaction and shared action for welfare and social inclusion of Barcelona.
Social Purpose: 
The initiative is addressed to the structural challenge of the social exclusion. The Citizens Agreement networks, actions and projects are oriented to reduce the principal dynamics of exclusion, for example, poverty, unemployment, unaffordable housing, homelessness, frailty in old age, disability, social risk, weakened family and community networks, poor exercise of civil and political rights and inequality of access to cultural capital. This challenge is very important due to the impact that the economic crisis is having in Barcelona. The current crisis is deepening social inequalities, impoverishment and increasing the vulnerability the citizens, and driving people from all ranks of society into exclusion.
Social Impact: 
The main impacts of the initiative are: • It make possible a shared strategy between social organizations and institutions of the Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona. • It builds social capital developing programs and network projects. • It joins public and private resources to develop collaborative projects. • It provides shared information and communication services and knowledge. • It opens discussion spaces to think or highlight key social themes for the city. • It promotes active citizen engagement. • It makes public statements related with social inclusion in Barcelona. The initiative is monitored and evaluated through different pathways: • Annual Assembly. Is the Annual Meeting of the representatives of the organizations members expose the work done throughout the year; for accountability. • Annual report Is a document that includes the structure and organization of the Citizen Agreement and all activities carried out during the year. The report includes information about: o Networks of action: Networks where the organizations work together around one defined issue (homeless people, children at risk, childhood rights, social economy, immigration, caregiver’s families, inclusive culture, inclusion housing, prevention) o Information and communication services: Web page, newsletter and Twitter o Collaborative Projects: Projects where different organizations work around a common project o Discussion spaces: Spaces of interaction to think or highlight key themes for the city o Statements about current issues: Public statements related with social inclusion in Barcelona • The Active Inclusion Shared Strategy The Shared Strategy document will be approved this year. The document includes an indicators system of outcomes about social inclusion and to monitoring and evaluation inclusive actions.
Innovative Character: 
The Citizen Agreement is a singular experience, as a result of the according capacity to tackle problems and shared challenges between de Barcelona’s City Council, the civil society and the citizens. The Citizen Agreement connects efforts and resources of the city in order to solve social needs of Barcelona. It makes easier the establishment of agreements, the generation of opportunities, the coordination of projects and the definition of shared goals. The main innovation is to create this singular space of interaction between public and private actors to increase social capital. The principal instruments that the Citizen Agreement have are the development of an Active Inclusion Shared Strategy and the creation of networks of action. The high commitment of the City Council and the Third Sector in the project will also allow developing the Active Inclusion Shared Strategy. This Shared Strategy establishes shared goals and policies for the social inclusion in the city between the City Council and the civil society. The main goal of the Shared Strategy is multiply the impact of public and private investment and provide a synergy of the actions. On May 2014, 936 inclusive actions have been incorporated into the Shared Strategy, 121 by Social NGO’s and organitzations, the Networks of Action of the Citizen Agreement and the City Council of Barcelona. The other instrument is the networks of action, spaces to work together on the same field in order to achieve improvements in the respective fields. Currently there are 9 Networks: • Homeless People Care Network • Child Care Centers for Children and young people Network • Social Economy Network of Barcelona • Welcome and guidance of immigrants Network • Families caregivers Network • Culture for Social Inclusion Network • Social Inclusion Housing Network • Children’s rights Network • Prevention and community living Network
Scaling Trajectory: