Trading Times

Trading Times
Trading Times is an online skills-matching service – connecting the skills, experience & availability of over-50s with local employers – for the purposes of paid part-time/flexible work.
Social Purpose: 
Longer, fulfilling lives: Trading Times will look to provide every older person who has a desire to work with appropriate flexible work opportunities within the community, from highly skilled retired career people providing consulting guidance to local businesses, to trusted individuals who provide valuable services to households where they live (e.g. DIY, shopping, house sitting). Everybody has skills, everybody has something to offer. And Trading Times will endeavour to find everyone the perfect match. Work generates additional income for older people, but it's not only about the money. Feeling vital, valued, connected, needed and purposeful are often far more important to the individual than the money. In additional to the 'Social Cohesion' metrics listed above, Trading Times will interview successful and unsuccessful candidates as well as employers to learn more about the value and potential of working in retirement and what it means to people's lives.
Social Impact: 
Trading Times will record the full set of aforementioned metrics on a quarterly basis, and a subset of key metrics on a monthly basis. Measurements will be tracked and trended over time as well as against key performance targets. Marketing, operational, financial and development strategies and plans will flex according to the gap analysis between forecasts and performance. As described previously, impact will be measured against the three key social benefit objectives of personal empowerment & self-fulfilment, societal cohesion, and economic & financial improvement.
Innovative Character: 
The Trading Times concept won the ‘Living well with dementia’ Design Challenge (Design Council & Department of Health, 2011-12). The team adopted a design-led co-development approach throughout the discovery and design process, adhering to the Design Council's 'Double Diamond' methodology for designing new services. The entire service functionality was co-developed with family carers, people over 50, small business owners and HR directors from large corporations. The team also conducted extensive market research to identify any like-for-like, substitute or overlapping competitors. Encouragingly, we found no existing UK service that looks to tap the valuable older person/carer resource pool. Trading Times’ ambitious marketing campaign, ‘The Age if No Retirement?’, has gained enormous support from central Government, key stakeholders, thought leaders and large corporations for its bold innovative approach to raising awareness about the opportunities inherent in a society that is living healthier for longer.