Train Recovery Station

Train Recovery Station
Recovering abandoned train stations with responsible tourism
Social Purpose: 
In Italy, many train stations are abandoned by the national train organisation "Ferrovie". The train stations are working and there are travelers but there is not any employee from the Ferrovie. The initiatives aims to occupy and make these train stations aleave by creating innovative project of responsible tourism. In the abandoned train stations, there are often young people that dammage the station. The project involves the young people and tries also to push them to become tour guides, to re-appropriate their territory.
Social Impact: 
The habitants and local population are involved in the project because they become the local tour guides, especially the young people.
Innovative Character: 
They would like to put classical music in the station following a project in New Zeland as it has been proved that the criminality is lower after few months with the classical music in the train station. To promote and to reapropriate the loca territory; Dicrease the criminality; involvment of the young people; employmen of the loca population. They are hiring local young people and especially young people that are trained with linguistic skills (English especially).
Scaling Trajectory: