Uleiosu (S.T.U.P. – Social Trading Urban Place)

Uleiosu (S.T.U.P. – Social Trading Urban Place)
Uleiosul is a collecting pilot project of used cooking oil. The collecting is done using a cargo bike.
Social Purpose: 
Contributing to the community development and reinvest in it by recycling the collected used oil up to almost 100%. From 1 litre of rused cooking oil you can produce 0.90-0.95 litres of biodiesel and from the secondary products you can produce 3 soaps of 80 grammes and also a product used in constructions. The biodiesel can be used in small agriculture businesses, for heating systems, as a fuel for cars and trucks etc. Bucharest has 6 sectors, for the long term we wish to use at least 1 cargo bike for each sector in the collecting process.
Social Impact: 
200l of oil collected monthly
Innovative Character: 
We are collecting used oil ( at least 2 l from an individual) from individuals with a cargo bike and once we reached 50 collected liters, we bring it to the recycling center. Recycling centers are not able to collect so small amounts, through Uleiosul by using a cargo bike in the process we reach that gap. Uleiosul is one of the projects which addresses to households on a long time period, informing them about the negative effects the used cooking oil thrown in the sink has and also pointing out that this waste is a renewable resource (it can be transformed in biodiesel). Also, Uleiosul is one of the projects which promotes the use of cargo bikes in one of the most polluted capitals from Europe.
Scaling Trajectory: