Uovokids is the first and most important festival in Italy dedicated to contemporary culture and creativity for children and adults.
Social Purpose: 
They work side by side with artists to create stimulating experiences for children aged 0 to 12. The artists they work with come from various disciplines such as contemporary art, design, architecture and theatre, and don’t customarily work on projects for children. They are asked to explore new territories and formats, pushing the line of their own artistic practice and creating unprecedented interactions with a fresh, young audience. Parents are invited to actively participate with their children in the festival’s various projects and workshops, bonding over exercises of creative imagination.
Social Impact: 
Uovokids is a unique opportunity for children and families to explore, together and apart, music, art, architecture and design, food, science, new technologies and performing arts in an innovative and curious way. It is conceived for a new generation of parents and adults who want to have fun whilst sharing their free time, lifestyles and interests with their children. The project introduces children to ways of developing critical and responsible thinking and stimulates creative approaches to the outside world.
Innovative Character: 
Uovokids is a new concept of cultural experience designed for the contemporary family. Uovokids, structured as a laboratory festival, presents performances, installations, workshops, dj sets and screenings for children and adults. In this context, both younger (under 12) and older are given the opportunity to experiment with various contemporary creative formats presented by some of the most important names of the international artistic scene. The various activities are held throughout the Science Museum’s galleries in Milan, a partner of the project. Uovokids animates the Museum’s spaces, including the robotics, nanotechnology and materials laboratories, in unusual ways, full of surprising experiences. Furthermore, dining areas and custom playrooms are set-up for the very little ones.
Scaling Trajectory: