USE-IT Europe

USE-IT Europe
Tourist information for young people in cities
Social Purpose: 
USE-IT Europe gathers 35 European cities and their activities is the creation of tourist city maps giving tips to go out of tourism beaten tracks . The particularity is that the maps are done and created by locals and they are non commercial which insure that the information is totally real and true. The target group is young travelers with little budget to travel.
Social Impact: 
It promotes citizenship because young European are travelling. In addition, people who have used once the USE IT maps are willing to repeat the experience and to create one in their hometown. it creates the sense of entrepreneurship because people are young graduate and they are acquiring experience by doing (marketing, budget, dealing with volunteers, ). Furthermore, USE IT promotes tourism out of the beaten tracks in order to split the flow of tourism to other removed areas or less attractive. USE IT promotes tourism in cities some unknown or not very touristic. The local culture is enhanced by locals because they are more aware of their heritage (material or immaterial). USE IT helps people to go on Holidays because it gives tips for cheap tourist stays. In addition, USE IT generates money for locals and for the local economy.
Innovative Character: 
The maps are done by locals and by volunteers and are not commercial which means that the information is totally truthful and honest which inspires confidence to users. The maps are printed in 2 million copies each year.
Scaling Trajectory: