Valle Dei Cavalieri

Valle Dei Cavalieri
Community Based tourism to create jobs and services for local population
Social Purpose: 
Bring back services for the local population in order to allow them to stay living in their village. Bored in 1991, the project succeeded in re-opening a restaurant, bar, post office, public transport for children to go to shool. A second objectif was to create job opportunities for young people by enhancing local culture and traditional activities. The project has created about 7 permanent jobs full time and 2 part time permanent jobs and some 5 temporary jobs during the hight season. They have set up cooperative that produces goat cheese and goat meat in order to dynamise the local economy and the agriculture. The village proposes touristic tours, meeting with local population and excusions in the national park. They have created a range of services for the local population but also for the tourists (rural hotel, spa center...).
Social Impact: 
The local population gets a better life because they have the minimum services to live. Rural villages and territories are loosing continualy population because they are not able to offer jobs to the young people. The project allows to keep the young people and to offer them perspectives. In the same time, it gives back the local traditions and produces the products and services at local level involving all the actors of the territories (public authorities, associations, private companies; local population).
Innovative Character: 
The Valle dei Cavalieri has started from the will of the local population and for them in which tourism was only one of the way to succeed. They still be depedant of tourism but they have a local production of local products which insure them a regular economic fund. The project involves all the village and all types of actors.