Verdeparallelo s.r.l. - AGRONAUTI Vegan Organic Cosmetics

Verdeparallelo s.r.l. - AGRONAUTI Vegan Organic Cosmetics
Agronauti sells online Vegan and Organic cosmetic with the open source brand philosophy. Attention in the ingredients in formulas, excluding the ones from animal origin and suspected to be dangerous
Social Purpose: 
Vegan: we promote and encourage the spread of vegan ethic. All our products are 100% vegan. Organic: we promote and encourage the consumption of organic products. Our product contain high % of organic ingredients. Open Source Cosmetics: we promote the transparency approach through the application of open source licenses (Creative Commons 4.0 international) to our product formulas. We are the first fully open source cosmetic company. Environmental respect: we pay special attention to the sustainability of our pack & delivery processes. Charity & support: we respect the most stringent EU protocols about organic, cruelty free etc. waiving the formality of certification: we save money in order to support social/environmentalist organizations and innovative project. Blog/Newsletter/Social: we spread original contents about veganism, animal activism, innovation and environmental issues
Social Impact: 
We contribute to drive people to compassionate, sustainable and ethic consumptions. We work to become transparent the relationship between consumer and producer also in order to pursue a steady improvement. Through the involvement of our customers and supporters we spread information about veganism and sustainable lifestyles. We measure the direct involvements by web/social metrics on our site/social and we check statistics on vegan/vegetarian trends.
Innovative Character: 
We are the first fully open source cosmetic company. We applied to cosmetics the open source concept which belongs to IT market. We share our formulas, also for commercial use, free from any fee, commission or economic contribution (Creative Commons 4.0 international): we are building a cooperation network for develop our products through the concept of global intelligence. In the traditional cosmetic market we always consider formulas as a patented content not to be shared! In general the coexistence of the following attributes makes us unique and fully innovative: Vegan + Organic + "Free From" + Open Source