ViaVia 3-Track Development Model

ViaVia 3-Track Development Model
‘ViaVia Development Model’ shapes an ecosystem for the creation/strengthening of existing and new SME’s in tourism and related activities.Focus on entrepreneurship with social & cultural value.
Social Purpose: 
The recognition of the fundamental value of cross-border cooperation is the most important implication of this project Cross-sector fertilization between private, social profit and public underlies the three key mechanisms that are driving contemporary social innovation: • Open exchanges of ideas and values; • Accepting shifts in roles between profit and non-profit, between public and private; • Willing to integrate private capital with public and/or philanthropic support. Ultimately, the most difficult and important problems cannot be understood, let alone solved, without involving for-profit, non-profit, public stakeholders.
Social Impact: 
• Strengthen entrepreneurship with expected response for job creation and prosperity (number of involved entrepreneurs and number of created jobs ) • Enable more high-risk target groups in economic circuit (women, ethnic minorities, the elderly, young people, the low-skilled,...) The booming tourism industry is such possible environment. (number of involved people ) • Urban development , ‘Building a Great and Welcoming Place in town '. The cluster of related enterprises will be a sustainable meeting point for inhabitants, tourist, artists, … (Number of created and functioning ViaVia 3-Track Development Models) • Regarding diversity: social inclusion, intercultural cooperation, peaceful living together
Innovative Character: 
Human Development is about creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests. (UNDP) The booming tourism industry is such possible environment. ‘ViaVia 3-Track Development Model’ built on the simultaneous and interacting engagement of Track 1: ViaVia Tourism Enterprise Cluster (the Business environment) Track 2: ViaVia Social Innovation Tonic (the comprehended social economical goals) Track 3: ViaVia Education and Training (the guidance and coaching support) The themes that are boosted concentrate on ViaVia’s longstanding priorities: entrepreneurship, local job creation, community empowerment, inclusive society and sound financial management. Regarding tourism this model is a new and unexplored hybrid entrepreneurial approach.
Scaling Trajectory: