A platform designed to trust your neighbours based on geolocalization to provide instant access to local resources and quickly share objects, skills and news.
Social Purpose: 
Giving users a tool that facilitates the sharing and exchange of goods and personal skills, supporting off-line encounter amongst people who, despite living nearby, don’t know each other. Impact on collective awareness through a renewed spirit of trust, cooperation and participatory paradigms. In the long term, achieving an active citizen participation in decision-making, collective governance (including global Internet governance), new democracy, self-regulation, new business and economic models for a more competitive and influential Europe, through subsidiarity and sustainability. Subsidiarity meant as citizens participation in social life and taking responsibilities in dealing with the State. Sustainability should be environmental, social, economic and institutional.
Social Impact: 
Giving access to collaborative trust by local interactions. The value in verifying the neighbours identity is to provide trust and guarantee instant access to local resources ensuring a fast response to sudden needs. With ViciniDiCasa you can quickly share, barter or lend objects, skills and news with your neighbourhood impacting on collective awareness through a renewed spirit of trust, cooperation and participatory paradigms. They also use a complementary currency to create a cost-free currency which advantage is to circulate promoting the emerging sharing economy.
Innovative Character: 
The first European Social Sharing Network that creates trusted neighbours collaborative communities based on reputation giving a boost to collaborative consumption. Providing value by protecting and verifying neighbours identity and ensuring a fast response to sudden needs. Creating private communities thanks to circled group zip-code geo-localization technology. Guaranteeing secure environments verifying users identity checking home address (for ex. through credit card billing address, landline and mobile number verification, utility bill, bank or mortgage statement from a recognized bank, credit card statement,...). These are the differences from current and potential competitors which are vertical sharing platforms. In this scenario ViciniDiCasa offers trusted vertical solutions on a transversal platform, an ecosystem.
Scaling Trajectory: