VIRGO LAURETANA: Project for the involvement of children, families and communities on education issues
Social Purpose: 
- Offer an integrated and quality service to families, children, all over the territory. - Become a reference point for the neighborhood and the city on issues related to childhood.
Social Impact: 
- Two sections of kindergarten - Recovering of an historical building - 27 places in the nursery - The school offers the possibility of different times of reception - pleasant and shady green space outside and a reserved parking.
Innovative Character: 
- Involvement of families and local social network - The educational approach is inspired to the Montessori model: focused on attention to each individual child, the help to grow in the "do it alone" - play materials are natural, recycled and / or self-made - Meals are prepared in their kitchen and "customised" with particular attention to the stage of weaning. - Offer of evenings training, workshops and other opportunities for involvement for families