Visbuzz makes video calling very simple for those who don’t use computers or who can’t use computers. It is designed to include everyone in the digital communication revolution.
Social Purpose: 
Digital inclusion for the isolated and lonely. There are millions of people isolated and lonely and cut off because they cannot harness the digital world. Visbuzz redresses this and provides a way to end loneliness using technology without the user needing to use technology
Social Impact: 
We are only beginning to understand the wide impact that Visbuzz can have socially. Already we are seeing Central Users becoming happier and less reliant on social services. Anecdotally we have evidence of less trips to the doctor and hospital and fewer medical call outs. The current projects are, as yet, incomplete. However, they commenced with questionnaires to measure the quality of life of the Central Users and this is being re-measured at set intervals throughout the project.
Innovative Character: 
Visbuzz is innovative in its simplicity. It is a single task (one touch), single function device that matches exactly the need of our Central Users. It meets not only their physical needs but also their emotional needs and builds self-esteem and self-determination. For the isolated Central User, Visbuzz is language independent and requires only the single touch of a picture the Central User wishes to be talking to in order to have a robust and reliable video call with them. It enables digital inclusion that other systems cannot offer. We have developed Visbuzz as Software as a Service (SaaS) using the most robust and up to date technology so our Users don’t have to. Our system is based on WebRTC using SignalR in an HTML5 website thereby ultimately enabling it to be device independent.
Scaling Trajectory: