Vormingscentrum Foyer - Roma Plus

Vormingscentrum Foyer - Roma Plus
Offer guidance to extremely vulnerable young people from an immigrant background for getting into education and work. Improve screening and route counselling tools and to focus on the aftercare.
Social Purpose: 
Social exclusion of young people (15-20 years old) from an immigrant background. This challenge is important because these youngsters often leave school too early and/or are long-term unemployed.
Social Impact: 
Excluded people earn money (through internships) although they never would have been able to do so. Girls specifically get chances to emancipate and to flee pressures they might have from their families. The impact is assessed through a personal evaluation of the progress of each youngster who participates in the programme. But the NGO is working on a better approach/instrument to assess the impact. As of today the assessments are very informal and irregular.
Innovative Character: 
They adapt the way of working and the content of what they offer to the target group, namely Romas. They establish specific methods and programmes for this specific target group. They work on what they really need: basic schooling, learning material that reflects practical things (not too theoretical), a personal approach for everybody and practical internships experiences.