WEEE in Prison

WEEE in Prison
A project to promote social-work inclusion of disadvantaged people in prison or former prison inmates
Social Purpose: 
• respond to the plight of Italian prisons, characterized by an increasing overcrowding and by the presence of prisoners in conditions of severe disadvantage/ social exclusion (eg, psychological distress, addictive, distance from the country of origin). Without such projects the time in prison worsens the conditions of prisoners, leading to the phenomena of suicide or recidivism. • creation of employment opportunities for prisoners and their reintegration into the community beginning from the acquisition of professional and cross skills. • Contribute to sustainable development, helping to reduce the impact of WEEE, through their recycling and other forms of recovery, in order to achieve the objectives imposed by both National and Community laws about waste. • Promote and streghten effective alliance between the prison system, the social economy and profit territorial system as a prerequisite for creating a production model shared by social and environmental areas.
Social Impact: 
• Outline a career path for prisoners as a precondition to their re-integration into legality, working and social life; • acquisition of cross skills: respect for rules, for timing and work’s location, setting up good relationships with colleagues, acquiring a better working capacity and independence in performing a task and achieving a goal. • “time penality” to be understood not as an alienating wait, but as an occasion for re-education and redemption, in accordance with the art. 17 of Italian Constitution. • As result of a constant monitoring and an ongoing dialogue between the actors of the project, it has been creating a network in order to replicate the model in different territories starting from the same guidelines. • the objectives of social solidarity are combined with environmental objectives, demonstrating that the role of the social economy is to solve real problems too.
Innovative Character: 
Therefore, the main purposes of the project are both social and environmental (reintegration of the person and recovery of the materials). After a first stage of training and practice, people on criminal charges, who have been previously appointed by Prison Administrations to be employed in WEEE workshops, are hired and appropriately paid by social cooperatives involved in the project. The system allows workers to increase their self dignity and to contribute to the maintenance of their families preventing them from committing crimes again.
Scaling Trajectory: