Welfare Italia Napoli

Welfare Italia Napoli
heath care services provided by social enterprises under the brand of Welfare Italia Servizi
Social Purpose: 
The centre, which affiliates to the national brand of Welfare Italia, was created to be close to families with the aim of promoting well-being, responding to a growing and articulated need: medicine of high-level accessible in terms of waiting times and costs-and assistance in dealing with daily necessities and distress. It is important to underline that this centre has been set in a very difficult are which is Naples. The situation of access to services here is particularly difficult.
Social Impact: 
The social impact of the project lies in the decision to build a medical health centre integrated with other needs of the community and in particular services related to children, mothers to be, elders. Moreover the social impact is visible for social cooperatives appointed for internal services such as social cooperatives of cleaning services.
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character of this project is visible in the collaboration of one social cooperative with two entrepreneurs who believed in the project; in the involvement of social cooperatives in the activities of the running of the centre (cleaning, transportation) and in the network activated and the capacity to provide counselling services
Scaling Trajectory: