Welfare Milano

Welfare Milano
Welfare Italia Milano Solari 6 is a group practice that offers more than 40 specialized practices and is affiliated to the National Health System.
Social Purpose: 
The centre, which affiliates to the national brand of Welfare Italia, was created to be close to families with the aim of promoting well-being, responding to a growing and articulated need: medicine of high-level accessible in terms of waiting times and costs-and assistance in dealing with daily necessities and distress.
Social Impact: 
In 2013 the centre managed to supply 1000 specialized services and to provide services to people who have access to vouchers or needed to integrate visits from the National Health service. It is worth pointing out that, Welfare Italia medical centres, that we like to call "Point of Care" embed a wider social dimension of care that we wish to transfer to the society, far beyond the mere health service and this is a social impact for the community where centres are.
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character of the project is represented both, by the choice to adhere to the Welfare Italia network and the composition of the founders which are social cooperatives which constituted a private organization.
Scaling Trajectory: