Werkvormm – Junior Engineering

Werkvormm – Junior Engineering
Workshops outside school hours to introduce children and young people to technical education in a positive way, the final aim being to reduce early chool leaving.
Social Purpose: 
The initiative addresses the fact that too often, children and young people are being orientated towards technical training/studies just because they did not succeed in the general education. It is important to change the (negative) image young people and their parents have of technical education and to recognize the potential that some young people may have to develop a good career in the technical sector.
Social Impact: 
Young people who would have gone to technical training without any motivation, would have, sometimes, dropped out of school prematurely. Whereas with this new approach these same young people stay in the education system and have great chances to find a job afterwards. Objective is to address 40-50 young people the first year.
Innovative Character: 
The innovation resides in the fact that the project holders reverse the usual approach: technical education is no longer something that you do if you can't do anything else, but it becomes an attractive training opportunity.