Xmetrics Srl

Xmetrics Srl
Xmetrics produces and commercialize wearable device for sport and activities. They can be used to improve and make life easier for people with disabilities.
Social Purpose: 
We improve the life of people with disabilities and we help olden people to have a healthier life. It is important to guarantee access for the basic needs of all the people. Nowadays our society is not structured to embrace all the people, only “normal” people can gain access to all the service and standard of actual way of life. Moreover, olden people are more and more alone.
Social Impact: 
The social impact is that we let people with disability to be involved in the “normal” life. Moreover, olden people will fell more protected.
Innovative Character: 
Our initiative is innovative because approach issues that are marginally addressed by actual product and service. With our product we can include the society people that cannot access easily to product and services.
Scaling Trajectory: