Younited Cultures

Younited Cultures
Younited Cultures tell stories through scarves (core product), but also through events & campaigns meant to bring about more cultural understanding and tolerance in Austrian society
Social Purpose: 
We deal with the perception of immigrants in a receiving culture and ways to turn this into a success factor rather than a basis for prejudice. We also deal with local production of sustainable products. This is important because it is a global trend contributing to diversity, with number of migrants rising. It addresses and aims to improve the lives of these people.
Social Impact: 
The impact is measured in raising awareness about each culture – therefore we first measure how many cultures we can address and how many scarves we can create. Secondly, we look at the direct contributors – the actual buyers of the scarves. Thirdly, at the impact group, the people attending the impact events. Finally, we look at our awareness raising by measuring the reach in media and online tools. We are assessing these two times a year.
Innovative Character: 
The story telling approach is innovative. Also the product developed is innovative and combines design with social sciences. It looks rather at migration as a journey instead of looking at integration as a political necessity
Scaling Trajectory: