Youth Centre Villa Elba

Youth Centre Villa Elba
The Youth Centre Villa Elba is located in Kokkola, the traditional scenic Sanna beach area . Youth Centre works with young people and also provides services to adult groups .
Social Purpose: 
Working to benefit children and youth We are entrusted with the non-profit civic responsibility of promoting a good life for children and young people. As a Finnish Youth Centre we specialize in providing a safe and nurturing operating environment for young people to experience, learn, and have adventures that encourage personal growth. Our knowledge of young people and developmental expertise supports youth participation and aids in their growth and development towards active citizenship. This knowledge is not only founded on years of experience working with young people, but also successful cooperation with municipalities, school and various organizations, in addition to our special status as a partner to the Ministry of Education in the administration of government youth policy
Social Impact: 
1. European Voluntary Service The EVS aims to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people, while contributing to strengthening social cohesion and promoting active citizenship. Their learning experience is formally recognized through a Youthpass 2. Nature School - Sponsorship Class Action One of the aims is to support teachers to implement environmental education with useful methods. Another aim is to develop a closer relationship between children and nature, through positive experiences and promote the values of sustainable development. The children also develop classroom skills with each other and gain a better relationship with nature and the natural literacy. Feedback from teachers has been positive and the children's cooperation skills and classroom life has improved.
Innovative Character: 
Nature School is one of the departments of the Youth Centre. Nature School programs include outdoor education, special focus in team building activities and Sponsorship Class Action for children. One of the key objectives of the Nature School is to educate children from local schools and nurseries on the importance of protecting the environment and to promote the values of sustainable development on both regional and national scale. The goals are to offer positive experiences in nature, increase interest in environmental care among children and to take responsibility for the environment and other people. Nature School was opened in July 1992 and it is Finland’s oldest nature school. One program included in the Nature School is Sponsorship Class Action, which is a cornerstone of the Nature School. Sponsorship Class Action enables long-term environmental organization for classes. Classes from third to fifth grade can apply for sponsorship and activities are free of charge to schools. Class Sponsor activity is funded by the city of Kokkola Education Center and Environment Department. Sponsorship classes are school classes which have frequent nature school days throughout one academic year. The type of lessons the nature school carry out is determined by the curriculum of each individual class and school. The sponsored class dates are taken from everyday life. As a result of this the students are in an environment where learning and teaching methods differ slightly. At Sponsorship Class Action the days consist of different teams inspired by the changing seasons. The teams are covered during field trips by the students own observations, experiences and through games and plays. The days include also pre-tasks and home works. Since the Sponsorship Class Action is executed in an environment that differs from the children's everyday life and the learning methods differ from the ordinary, the children's learning experiences are also significant.