The Team

The Team

This project is being managed by the core team and over 30 practitioners who help us to make this project come true!

Vincent De Coninck will act as Coordinator on this project. Vin­cent is project man­a­ger at the Brus­sels-based I-pro­pel­ler/ Oksi­gen Lab for Social Entre­pre­neur­ship. A spe­cial­ist in busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion and mar­ket­ing, he has worked for many years as a mar­ket­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion con­sult­ant for social enter­pris­es and social prof­it organ­i­sa­tions. In 2004, he cre­at­ed a com­pa­ny (Biod­yv­i­no) spe­cial­is­ing in import and dis­tri­bu­tion of organ­ic and fair trade wines. He is also the co-founder of the Bel­gian net­work of social entre­pre­neurs, of which he was coor­di­na­tor in 2013. He has been coach­ing and co-cre­at­ing sev­er­al social busi­ness­es over the past few years.

Tatiana Glad is initiator of social innovation incubator The Impact Hub in The Netherlands and as an entrepreneur behind two other social enterprises has lived experience in the start-up and build-up of an entrepreneurial venture. She has coached many of the HUB entrepreneurs over the past 4 years and will be coordinating the geo-cluster focused on Western Europe.

Marieke Huysentruyt is a co-founder of i-propeller, focused on development of new business models for societal demands of the future. She is also Assistant Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics (SITE) and R&D partner of i-propeller. Her main research fields are poverty, and behavioural and organizational economics. Marieke will lead the development of concepts and models for scaling social innovation.

Jesper Kjellerås is the founder & Director Impact Hub Stockholm. Jesper worked several years as a consultant with particular change management and management development as focus. He is now running The Impact HUB Stockholm under his ownership since 2011 and will ensure coordination of geo-cluster focused on Nordic countries in the EU.

Alberto Masetti-Zannini is part of the Impact HUB  GmbH  was the founder and director of Impact HUB Milan, Italy’s first centre for social innovation. Alberto has a long experience in the non-governmental sector, having worked for some of the UK’s most relevant NGOs (Christian Aid, International Alert, ActionAid), before moving to the social enterprise and social innovation sectors. Alberto will ensure the overall coordination of the Impact Hubs and take a leading role in coordinating the geo-cluster focused on southern countries in the EU.

Matthias Reisinger is one of the founding members of Impact HUB Vienna. Matthias was one of the co-founders of emersense, an organization with the aim to provide a support network for ‘value creators’, individuals that strive to create positive impact with innovative ideas.  And is a founder of Impact HUB Vienna. Workign together with Oana Paun ( co-founder of Impact  HUB Bucharest) they  will ensure the geographical coverage of the geo-cluster covering central and eastern Europe.

Christian Saublens has been involved in European associations since 30 years. He has put on the European agenda topics such as benchmarking public sector activities, business angels, no-wrong-door concept, investment readiness; Christian's network of contacts allows mobilising a wide range of experts working both in the public and the private sector. Christian will lead Communication work package and ensure public sector innovation is well covered!

Eleanor Whitley was on the founding team and then Managing Director at Impact Hub Kings Cross.  She has been instrumental in building and hosting the community there, as well as establishing core business systems and procedures, and now developing the content of the Impact HUB King’s Cross.  She is also an entrepreneur, running a small food start up. Eleanor runs the fellowship and accelerator programmes at Hub King’s Cross and will lead the geo-cluster focused on the UK and Ireland.

But luckily we are not alone, and we work on daily basis with a number of colleagues including

Sebastiaan de Vries is finance manager at i-propeller. He has experience working in an international environment (KPMG and Fortis Group/BNP Paribas Fortis) in a tax/financial advisory role. He is an independent board member of FluidDA NV (the leading company in the research and development of imaging biomarkers to enhance drug development and patient care.) and will ensure the finance of the project is healthy.

Loïc Van Cutsem is heading the Innovation and Action Lab at i-propeller with the aim to scale up social initiatives in Belgium. He was responsible for the overall ‘shared value' strategy of Belgacom, setting up innovative initiatives and partnerships delivering both economic and social/environmental benefits while addressing stakeholder expectations.

Jason Donohue has over 7 years’ experience in leading change management efforts and managing operations in both service and manufacturing environments. He has developed a number of processes and helped scale up numerous social enterprises.

Nele Verbruggen has over 10 years’ experience working on civil society advocacy and developing international networks. Nele has been managing an international NGO.

Sam Van Dyck has over 12 years of experience in communication, change management, marketing, business development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Sam was also leading the introduction of the ‘New Way of Working' and the Corporate Social Responsibilty project at  Philips Belgium between 2008 -2012.

Gianluca Pastorelli is CEO of DIESIS and a highly specialised in the field of training, entrepreneurship and company creation. He has managed several ESF and Employment projects, and thereby gained a broad insight into Social Enterprises and Social co-operatives’ needs and priorities.

Dorotea Daniele is Project manager has long experience of European community initiatives linked to employment, and has worked on Employment projects since 1996. She has a deep knowledge of social economy, co-operatives and social enterprises in different European countries.

Ilaria Trudu joined Diesis as project manager and researcher in the field of social economy, SMEs, entrepreneurship and gender issues. She is also involved in regional projects in the Mediterranean basin and Latin America.

Federico Camporesi joined in 2011 Diesis where he works as a researcher and project manager in the field of Social economy and Industrial relations, specializing in social dialogue social affairs, social economy, EFP, cooperatives and public procurement.

Marianne Tombeur has a long experience in assisting managers of European associations as well as in providing assistance in the administrative implementation of projects. She has also a great experience in organising conferences and seminars, incl. relations with the speakers, and in issuing newsletters.

Tessa Anné joined EURADA in 2007 to strengthen the communication activities of the association. This includes the improvement of the website content, the dissemination of eNewsletters (search for partners or expertise, alert and information) as well as the implementation of the marketing strategy.

Alexis Eremia is the co-founder of the HUB Vienna and she is currently running the HUB Vienna Incubation center which focuses on support social ventures with targeted programs and incubation.

Steliana Kokonova is event manager and project coordinator at the Impact HUB Vienna, Steliana has gathered extensive experience in the fields of social business, while working for Grameen.

Hannah Lux is running multiple social innovation program for the Impact HUB Vienna Incubation center, such as the Social Impact Award which targets young social ventures. The Social Impact Award will be held in 4+ countries in 2014.

Lena Gansterer is responsible for the Investment Ready Program for the Impact HUB Vienna Incubation center, an accelerator program for experienced social ventures that is incubating the teams and helping them to get access to impact investment.

Maria Trindade has over 5 years’ experience and have previously been working with Banco da Família, Aliança Empreendedora, Fairfood International etc. She is currently General Manager Impact  Hub King's Cross.

Kathleen Asjes is an user experience researcher with a longstanding track record of managing projects. At the Impact Hub Stockholm, she has established herself as a social entrepreneur, researching different types user experiences, but also working with the measurement of social impact for social enterprises.

Gabriella Silfwerbrand is a coordinator at the Impact HUB  Stockholm and is experienced in social –ecological research, project management and marketing. She is also taking an active role in development of events and will play an active role in the future Sustainability festival.

Frederike Vos is an entrepreneur pur sang driven by sustainable change and this led to co-founding The Impact Hub Amsterdam. What she is most passionate about is to support social and eco-entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas. In the last 4 years she supported more than a hundred of entrepreneurs on their journey to grow their business. Her talent lies in asking critical questions to break the status quo, driving pragmatic action combined with a strong intuitive sense to what is emerging.

Marco Nannini is Partner, Board Member and Head of Development of Impact HUB Milano.  A seasoned executive with more than 20 years international experience, Marco is a social business angel and serves on the board to several companies in the social entrepreneurship and impact investment space.

Alessandra Valerio joined the Arts & Culture department of FondazioneCariplo as Project Manager and Programme Officer. She is responsible for the “Etre” project (Residential Theatre Experiences) and for a call for proposals dedicated to the promotion of effective management models of cultural goods and services to improve the quality and innovation of local cultural offer.

Alessandro Rubini joined the Arts & Culture department of FondazioneCariplo as Programme Officer. He is currently Project Leader for the “Cultural Districts” project and he was responsible for a call for proposals “youth creativity” and for the start-up of call for proposal “libraries and social cohesion”.

Patricia Frias serves as International Relations and Fund Raising Officer for the FondazioneCariplo. Her work is currently focused on international relations and strategic partnerships, and on the coordination of the foundation’s Business Excellence Program.

Sophie Chiha is the Coordinator of PEFONDES since 2010, she is responsible for the launch of the European Social Economy Prize as well as the organisation of several international conferences and meetings dealing with social innovation.

Eugenio Hinojosa is Project Manager Officer at Foundation for the Innovation of the Social Economy, INNOVES. He has developed many projects related to fostering the Social Economy businesses in Andalusia and to ease funding barriers in entrepreneurship and Social Economy SMEs, creating an Access to Funding for the Social Economy Bureau and other projects to foster the Social Economy as a way of sustainable employment and creation of businesses.

Madalina Serban is BENISI Coordinator at the Impact Hub Network.

Wieke Van Der Zouwen is Programme Coordinator at the Hub Amsterdam. In this role she applies her main strength in coupling a strategic overview with getting things done. With a Masters in International Relations, a Bachelor in Development Studies and study/work experience abroad, Wieke naturally brings global thinking in her support to entrepreneurs in designing, testing and scaling their business models to create viable enterprises.

Oana Paun is Project Coordinator at Impact Hub Bucharest. She co-founded Impact Bucharest along with Vlad Craioveanu and Alexandra Pode with the common ambition to create a platform for both business and social-minded individuals, that starting with 2012 is developing social enterprises and initiatives in Romania by facilitating the interaction of diverse stakeholders and providing a start-up infrastructure.

Valentina Panizza is Administration Host at Impact Hub Milan.

Johan Moyersoen is co-founder and partner of i-propeller, responsible for the general management. Johan is a serial-social entrepreneur with key-expertise in developing social (and environmental) innovative service concepts for companies, public authorities and civil society organizations. He has also been editor of the Journal Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy at Berkeley Electronic Press and coordinator of the European Network of European Peace Scientists. He published multiple articles on topics such as conflict management, social innovation and regional science. He has master degrees in International Relations (University Ghent), in Social and Cultural Anthropology (KULeuven) and Regional Science (Cornell University).

Anna Kint is project manager at Oksigen Lab. She has experience in product-service systems, sustainable design and creative methodologies. She holds a Master Degree in Product Development from the University of Antwerp.

Claudia Fasolo is Incubation Projects Coordinator at Impact Hub Milan. After graduating in Business Administration, she obtained a Master in Management and Organization of Culture. She joined Impact Hub to follow up a project of scalability based on innovation, artistic and cultural value. Claudia is fascinated by creative energy and high added value of projects managed and is involved in the coordination of all paths of incubation.