Work packages

Work packages

The project is structured in five work packages, collectively undertaking the following core activities:

Creation of a network of networks to identify social innovations and develop new capabilities to better match resources with social innovations for scaling, and extend and amplify the impact of existing networks (WP3 & WP4)
Create and disseminate the information about the project among a variety of stakeholders (WP2)
Create a complementary network of diverse social innovation stakeholders to participate in the project and in the scale-up of the selected social innovations, and develop the necessary mechanisms for greater integration and collaboration across this network (WP3)
Ensure the delivery of support and develop rich data on the progress and impact of the social innovations and the scaling up efforts applied (WP5)

Below we provide a summary over each of the work packages:

WP1: Project Management and Administration: the first work package concentrates on establishment of the project management and internal system and communication tools in order to implement the project effectively between the consortium partners and effectively liaise with the European Commission. Lead: i-propeller

WP2: Communication & Dissemination: This component focuses on development of the communication and dissemination plan and will ensure the successful dissemination of the project information all through the EU. It also involves development of the webpage, regular communication materials and a number of visual materials, as well as a program of project dissemination events.  Lead: EURADA

WP3: Inter-network coordination and network learning: the third work package focuses on the development of the network of networks, through the creation of common tools and processes to identify social innovations, identify opportunities for increased cooperation, allow for peer-to-peer mentoring and effective track and report on progress. This work package will also assure that the best practices are adopted by the network over the course of the 36 months of the project, and that results are summarised and effectively communicated to different audiences, including consortium partner network members, the EC, the SIAN and the general public. Lead: i-propeller

WP4: Cluster Coordination: the fourth work package will focus on the animation of the network of networks, with the implementation of activities and management needed to draw in stakeholders with resources to deliver needed professional services and other support for the scaling up of social innovations. Lead: The Hub

WP5: Scaling Pathway Support: the fifth work package will focus specifically on the identification of promising social innovations and supporting the delivery of professional services and other activities required to scale these social innovations. Work will be organised around the four scaling strategies discussed above, with a different consortium partner leading each strategy. Lead: DIESIS