• The article discusses the importance of teaching children self-regulation.
• Teachers can develop students’ self-regulation skills through play, positive reinforcement, and developing lesson plans that focus on goal setting.
• Self-regulation is an important skill for lifelong success as it helps students to better manage their emotions and behavior.

The Importance of Teaching Children Self-Regulation

What is Self-Regulation?

Self-regulation is defined as a person’s ability to regulate their own emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and reactions in order to achieve a desired outcome or goal. It is an important life skill that helps children manage their feelings and behaviors in order to achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom.

How Can Teachers Help Develop Self-Regulation?

Teachers can help develop self-regulation in their students by utilizing playtime, positive reinforcement, and creating lesson plans that allow for goal setting and practice managing emotions. When teachers create opportunities for students to engage in physical activities like tag or games with rules such as hopscotch or Simon Says they are able to practice regulating impulses while having fun at the same time. Positive reinforcement also plays an important role in helping children develop self-regulatory skills by praising them when they demonstrate appropriate behavior or actions. Finally, educators should design lessons that allow for opportunities for student goal setting which will help them acquire problem solving skills needed for successful self-regulation.

Benefits Of Learning Self Regulation

Learning self regulation has many benefits including improved academic performance due to increased focus on tasks; better communication skills; improved social relationships with peers; decreased anxiety; increased emotional resilience; stronger decision making abilities; greater capacity to handle difficult situations; increased levels of motivation and engagement in learning activities; increased self esteem ;and greater overall wellbeing.


In conclusion, teaching children how to self regulate is essential for them to become successful adults who are able to handle any situation with poise and confidence. Through modeling appropriate behavior, providing positive feedback when necessary, incorporating physical activity into lessons plans ,and promoting goal setting activities teachers can ensure that their students have the necessary skills needed later down the line when facing life’s challenges .

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