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I principali rivenditori svizzeri stanno per lanciare le carte regalo Bitcoin

Manor e Valora stanno sfruttando l’attuale campagna pubblicitaria crittografica per vendere carte regalo Bitcoin nei loro negozi in tutta la Svizzera.

Il boom delle criptovalute in Svizzera è entrato in un’altra dimensione con i rivenditori che lanciano voucher e carte regalo Bitcoin ( BTC )

Secondo il quotidiano svizzero Tages-Anzeiger, Manor – la più grande catena di grandi magazzini del paese – sta già vendendo carte voucher Bitcoin in 59 delle sue filiali.

Nel frattempo, il gigante della vendita al dettaglio Valora inizierà a vendere carte regalo BTC nei suoi chioschi in tutto il paese a partire dal 1 aprile.

Soprannominati „Cryptonow“, i voucher Bitcoin provengono dalle scuderie di Värdex Suisse, una società di servizi finanziari di criptovaluta. Värdex è anche una filiale del principale exchange di criptovalute svizzero Bitcoin Suisse.

Secondo Simon Grylka, capo delle operazioni di Värdex, Cryptonow offre un semplice canale di onboarding per gli aspiranti adottatori di criptovaluta scoraggiati dalle solite strade per l’acquisizione di valuta virtuale. Per Grylka, il voucher Cryptonow è simile alle monete d’oro digitali.

Le carte voucher Cryptonow saranno disponibili in tre diverse varianti che vanno da 100 a 500 franchi (da $ 107 a $ 535). Il prodotto della carta regalo Bitcoin Värdex sta arrivando in mezzo alla continua crescita nel settore delle criptovalute e blockchain in Svizzera.

Come riportato in precedenza da Cointelegraph, le prime 50 società blockchain nella Crypto Valley sono aumentate di oltre il 680% in valore dalla metà del 2020

Con l’adozione da parte dei commercianti di BTC ancora in crescita, i proprietari di Cryptonow sono limitati nel modo in cui spendere le loro carte regalo Bitcoin.

Al momento, le opzioni a loro disposizione sarebbero riscattare i voucher tramite un servizio di cambio o vendere l’importo BTC caricato sulla carta utilizzando uno dei 70 sportelli automatici Bitcoin gestiti da Värdex.

Tuttavia, con le commissioni fisse e marginali addebitate dai rivenditori per l’acquisizione delle carte, Cryptonow nella sua attuale iterazione sembra essere principalmente un modo nuovo di acquisire Bitcoin.

Mentre ci sono diverse strade che offrono il trading di criptovalute per carte regalo, Cryptonow è uno dei primi prodotti che offre carte regalo caricate con criptovaluta.

L’uso di carte regalo per acquistare criptovaluta è popolare nell’arena del trading peer-to-peer, specialmente nelle giurisdizioni con infrastrutture di servizi finanziari sottosviluppate.

Bitcoin price pump of 20% triggered by Elon Musk

Bitcoin price pump of 20% triggered by Elon Musk, the world’s richest man

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, is pushing the Bitcoin price up by 20% with just a single tweet. Does this put the $40,000 back in play?

Bitcoin (BTC) has gone through a prolonged correction phase since peaking at $42,000. However, this correction may have been ended by Elon Musk. At least that is how it seems. In any case, the Bitcoin price has been able to hold a critical level and make up ground again.

The whole thing was triggered by the GameStop debacle, which raised many questions about the trustworthiness of the major parties and the exchanges. A circumstance that has played into the hands of Bitcoin and Crypto Trader cryptocurrencies in general with their narrative of decentralisation. Headlines like this are making more and more people realise how unfair and flawed the current system is. Accordingly, more and more people are looking for a fairer alternative.

Among these people is Elon Musk, who is worth almost $183 billion according to Forbes, making him the richest person in the world. The Tesla CEO mentioned Bitcoin on his Twitter profile, writing:

In hindsight, it was inevitable

A very cryptic message to his 44 million followers that some might interpret as Musk investing in Bitcoin.

In any case, this tweet and Elon Musk’s profile change triggered a new Bitcoin price rally today, 29 January. The price per BTC skyrocketed from $32,500 to $38,000 in a matter of minutes.

This of course makes many bullish eyes light up again. The most important questions now are: Does this mean that the bull market will continue and will the Bitcoin price see new all-time highs?

Bitcoin price holds the critical mark at $30,000

According to van de Poppe, the 2-hour chart shows a clear bullish breakout after bitcoin price held the key support zone at $30,000.

The key breakout for the rally to continue was to find support at $30,000, which happened in the last few days. After that, the next step for a bullish continuation would be a breakout above the $34,000 resistance zone.

As the chart shows, and mainly thanks to Elon Musk’s tweet, the breakout was confirmed and the bitcoin price started to accelerate its rise sharply. The next level to break through, according to van de Poppe, is $37,600-38,000, as this is the next area of significant liquidity.

Currently, the bitcoin price is trying to crack this resistance level at $38,000. If this area turns into support, another bullish continuation towards the all-time high is likely. Even more, van de Poppe believes it is possible that the next stop thereafter could be $50,000.

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In addition, if you plan to reconnect with travel and geographic mobility when the borders reopen. A large number of platforms will deny you access to them if you are not located in a “host” country. This refusal will then become circumventable, thanks to VPNs, and their ability to connect virtually to the desired country.

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No more restrictive geolocation and Darknet risks

Another aspect often overlooked, a large part of the streaming platforms offer you a catalog only available in the country where you live . Even if they try to limit the loopholes in the system, some VPNs will allow you to bypass certain restrictions and access Netflix catalogs from other countries.

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Bitcoin – Deze miljonair begreep het niet, maar investeerde nog steeds $200 miljoen

Men hoeft de blokketentechnologie niet te begrijpen om te kunnen investeren in cryptografie. Een aantal rijke beleggers, die crypto niet volledig begrijpen, kopen in Bitcoin en andere virtuele valuta om geld te verdienen.

Blokketen is een van de nieuwste verstorende technologieën

Met veel use cases voor deze technologie is de meest bekende use case financiële transactie. Veel beleggers geven niet echt om de onderliggende technologie zolang ze geld blijven verdienen. Bitcoin Evolution is zo’n asset die gebaseerd is op blockchain, wat voor velen vrij ingewikkeld is om te begrijpen, maar toch zien we dagelijks een toename van het aantal mensen dat met BTC te maken heeft gehad.

De CEO van SoftBank, één van de grootste investeringsconglomeraten ter wereld, de heer Masayoshi Son, is één van de velen die Bitcoin niet begrijpen. Deze Japanse miljardair heeft in het verleden bijna 200 miljoen dollar geïnvesteerd in BTC. Hij zegt dat hij veel tijd besteedde aan onderzoek en het volgen van Bitcoin en dat had invloed op zijn andere bedrijven.

Hij investeerde een zwaar bedrag in BTC op aanraden van een vriend, maar door de hoge volatiliteit van het activum controleerde hij uiteindelijk om de paar minuten de prijs van dit activum, iets waar we allemaal mee te maken hebben.

De zoon beweert dat hij bijna $50 miljoen verloor toen hij zijn BTC-activa verkocht, maar volgens de Wall Street Journal waren de verliezen die de zoon onder ogen kreeg bijna $130 miljoen.

Terwijl Son klaar is met investeren in BTC

Terwijl Son klaar is met investeren in BTC, gelooft hij dat de digitale activa hier blijven. Hij zei: „Ik denk dat digitale valuta nuttig zal zijn, maar ik weet niet welke digitale valuta, welke structuur, enzovoort.

De Bitcoin-prijs heeft onlangs de 18.900 dollar overschreden en ziet er goed uit om de hoge prijs van 2017 op te heffen. Als het $20.000 kan omdraaien en een tijdje boven kan blijven, kunnen we een verdere stijging van de prijs van BTC zien. Deze hele rally werd aangewakkerd door veel institutionele beleggers die wedden op deze favoriete cryptocurrency om een winkel van waarde te zijn.

De Bitcoin-prijs ligt momenteel op $18.342,49, met een marketcap van $340.301.778.546 en een 24-uurs handelsvolume van $34.853.752.087.