The protection of privacy is a topic dear to the crypto community. It is indeed futile to extol the decentralized aspect of a new technology and the anonymity of certain protocols, without taking basic precautions. Linked to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your connection history can be tracked. A virtual private network worthy of the name will allow you to go further in the protection of your data … and much more.

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Become untraceable

Virtual private networks make it possible to scramble the trail of your real IP address . By borrowing a multitude of VPN servers, it becomes impossible to follow in your footsteps. Exposing your data is now a thing of the past.

Cryptocurrency investors need to be extra vigilant. Private keys and data inherent in exchange platforms can sometimes be the source of leaks with disastrous consequences.

In addition, if you plan to reconnect with travel and geographic mobility when the borders reopen. A large number of platforms will deny you access to them if you are not located in a “host” country. This refusal will then become circumventable, thanks to VPNs, and their ability to connect virtually to the desired country.

Already acclaimed by 14 million users , NordVPN guarantees restored anonymity, unparalleled connection flexibility, and will allow you to enjoy public WiFi networks with complete peace of mind. Indeed, the latter are often the target of hackers, who can easily enter your computer, thanks to the lack of security of public networks.

Scrambling your IP address will make you impervious to attacks. In addition, the best VPN offers allow you to add a layer of encryption to your data, essential in the event of a WiFi network open to any public, especially if the pages visited are not in “https”.

No more restrictive geolocation and Darknet risks

Another aspect often overlooked, a large part of the streaming platforms offer you a catalog only available in the country where you live . Even if they try to limit the loopholes in the system, some VPNs will allow you to bypass certain restrictions and access Netflix catalogs from other countries.

Additionally, NordVPN recently added extra protection for its users, offering them a brand new Dark Web monitoring tool. This allows you to be immediately informed if your personal data were ever to be compromised and shared without your knowledge on the Darknet.

If these arguments give you pause for thought, know that NordVPN currently offers the fastest VPN offering on the market thanks to NordLynx , a technology that relies on both the excellent WireGuard protocol and a solution unique to NordVPN, called the “ double NAT system ” .

Stop wasting time protecting your privacy and crypto. The sales are now at NordVPN.

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