• BENISI will identify and scale up over 300 social innovations and will accelerate their scaling up.

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  • BENISI offers an explanation of what is a social innovation.

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  • BENISI seeks to build a Europe-wide network of incubators for social innovation in order to support 300 social innovations in their scaling process.

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Scaling Social Innovation


, May 04, 2016


Discover all our learnings from the programme in the Benisi Scaling guide, including case studies of social enterprises which have scaled successfully, and practical tips to help any social innovator looking to scale their impact. Click here : http://guide.benisi.eu

Brussels, February 08, 2016

BENISI Final Event 8th March – Brussels

Key learnings on scaling social innovation in Europe

The final event of the BENISI project takes place on Tuesday 8th March 2016 in Brussels. The event provides a unique opportunity to learn from the best practices of over 300 social innovations scaling their social impact in Europe. Don’t miss this opportunity and join us !


EURADA together with its members

Proximology - to develop an ecosystem to support social innovation by local citizens for local citizens in field where the public sector has failed to deliver

Social Purpose:
To create jobs for lower-skilled people and long-term unemployed people through the provision of services related to the improvement of the public infrastructure and to the offer of local social services based on local resources. The project will aim at identifying public infrastructure that hasn't been renovated for years, and disadvantaged groups, together with services that are no longer provided to them which could be delivered by creating cooperatives or user groups.
Social Impact:
Providing jobs, revenues and wellbeing to disadvantaged people by empowering them and calling upon social responsability of those citizens.
Innovative Character:
It's public innovation in the sense that citizens will take initiatives for making up themselves for what's lacking in public investment.

Scaling Social Innovation