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Scaling Social Innovation


Brussels , June 06, 2014

BENISI helps to win!

European Social Innovation Competition

BENISI coached one of the winners of the EU Social Innovation Competition!  Congratulations to Nicolas and Roman!

From Waste to Wow (QUID), Urban Farm Lease and VoidStarter are the 3 winners of this 2nd edition of the Competition!

Bilbao, February 24, 2014

BENISI is supporting the finalists of the European Social Innovation Competition

European Social Innovation Competition

BENISI has been invited to support the finalists of the second edition of the European Social Innovation Competition, which will gather some 30 semi- finalists in Bilbao on 3-5 March to support them with the development of their initiatives and presentations.



Macken recycles unused resources and offers different kind of services (language courses, practical workshops, entrepreneurship training) to vulnerable people to better include them in society

Social Purpose:
Include migrants and refugees in society and labour market, improve environment through recycling, boost ideas to grow enterprises.
Social Impact:
- improve education and skills of migrants and unemplyed people - insertion in the work market - support to entrepreneurs - integration of people in society
Innovative Character:
- Incubator of ideas - provide language class while providing specific training - building a network of workers, students to share culture, languages, practical skills

Scaling Social Innovation